piccioneIllustration, art and Graphic Design. This is the website of Mara Piccione. Here you`ll find Silkscreen posters, Artprints, Testprints, Paintings, Record design, illustration art and postcards.http://www.piccione.nlMijnWebwinkel RSS 2.0 Feed v1.0Over Ruimtehttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1594214/over-ruimte/ _overruimte is de corporate blog van Heijmans. Het is een platform voor zowel eigen medewerkers als externe professionals om hun mening, kennis en ideeën over alles binnen de ruimtelijke ordening te delen. illustratie bij artikel:Spaghettie onder de grond; artikel lezen illustratie bij artikel: De woningkoper aan de hersenscan; artikel lezen illustratie bij artikel: 1 maand elektrisch: Het kan slimmer; artikel lezenA B O U Thttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1447187/a-b-o-u-t/ABOUT MARA PICCIONE:For commissioned artwork, exhibitions or information please send an emailfacebook > twitter > gigposters.com > flickr____________________________________________________________________________________________________Lizzy Donegan > Jacky Magpie: Mara’s creations are wearing innocent faces but I suspect their puppy dog eyes are masking some kind of horror movie inspired personality. With sinking ships, bones and ghosts cropping up with unnerving frequency (and cats, which we all know are poised for world takeover)* thinly veiled by a sumptuous colour palette, it’s fair to say there’s more to these pictures than meets the eye…____________________________________________________________________________________________________Roos Giethoorn > SUBWALK: Mara Piccione is giving Dutch music-centered design a new boost. Her dramatic colored illustrations of uncomfortable human stuff, often translated into human/animal hybrids, are turning boring wallflowers into exciting gig posters. Mara’s talent for poster design is recognized in gig poster Utopia, spreading across America, Germany and England. And maybe, some day, somewhere in the future, the Netherlands might grow into a gig poster Utopia too. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________Joost Heijthuijsen > INCUBATE independent culture: Her style is a world in itself, inhabited by strange creatures of a subhuman disposition. Beautiful color use and strong compositions make her posters and other artwork for bands luscious and original.____________________________________________________________________________________________________Lisa Rush > ALARM PRESS: Netherlands-based artist Mara Piccione explores love, childhood, nightmares, sadness, mental illness, and the “beauty of it all” in her silk-screened, music-centered work. The graphic creations can suggest a child-like playfulness as well as something sinister, evoking mixed emotions. Piccione’s portfolio also includes record design, branding bands with visually stimulating illustrations. The creative dynamic entails capturing the band’s vibe without being literal. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________SOLD AT:GALERIE F, CHICAGO, USA - visit website -WALNUT MIXSTORE, GRONINGEN, NL - visit website  -PUSH&PULL, GRONINGEN, NL  - visit website  -GALERIE BO LUMEN, AMELAND,NL - visit website -POSTER CABARET, AUSTIN TEXAS, USA - visit website -ELZA POPPIN - BOLOGNA, ITALY - visit website -WE ARE 1976, DALLAS TEXAS, USA - visit website -THE REDCANCOMPANY, MUNCHEN, GERMANY - visit website -FLIGHT 13, FREIBURG, GERMANY - visit website -____________________________________________________________________________________________________CLIENTS:A Place To Bury Strangers - Alter Schlachthof Lingen - Andrew Bird - Aussitot Mort - Brito - Boxhamsters - Belmont Bookings - Central Kino, Lingen - Doctor DeSoto, Australia - De prins op het witte paard - Dinosaur Jr. - Ekko - Ekonomisk Management - Excelsior Recordings - Face Tomorrow - FabrIQ - Flight 13 - Gonzo Magazine - Goomah Music - Groninger Forum - Heijmans - Incubate - Into The Great Wide Open - Just Like Your Mom Toursupport - Kiel Explode Festival - Magnapop  - Poezie Paleis - Poppodium Underground Lelystad - Productiehuis Popcultuur Groningen - Q Prime, Nashville - Sebadoh - Subwalk - The Black Atlantic -  The Black Keys - Triggerfinger - Twist Creatieve Index Groningen - The Tallest Man On Earth - Union Town - Unter Schafen Records - Vera Groningen - W2 - Zienemaan & Sterren -Stille Nacht Festivalhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1431571/stille-nacht-festival/Poppodium Underground in Lelystad vroeg me een poster te maken voor de eerste editie van het Stille Nacht Festival, met singer-songwriter, americana, folk- en indiepop. postcardshttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1403817/postcards/Goomah Musichttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1140762/goomah-music/Poster & Sampler for Goomah Music Zienemaan & Sterrenhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1138314/zienemaan-sterren/Zienemaan & Sterren Openluchtbioscoop   Kijkkasten Amsterdamhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1138147/kijkkasten-amsterdam/Huge Illustration made for an Outdoor Artshow, in the city centre of Amsterdam. One story; cut up into 7 banners. Each banner measures 157cm x 225cm.Kiel Explodehttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1137671/kiel-explode/Poster & Flyer for Kiel Explode Festival 2013Poster & Flyer for Kiel Explode Festival 2012Poster & Flyer for Kiel Explode Festival 2011Flight 13http://www.piccione.nl/c-1127880/flight-13/Illustration for Flight 13: music mailorder catalog.De prins op het witte paardhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1127872/de-prins-op-het-witte-paard/ Website Design & illustration for De prins op het witte paard                                        Technics by Andreas van Iterson                         Freecards, Businesscards & Giftcards Po√ęzie Paleishttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1127869/poezie-paleis/Cover Design for a Children`s Poetry Book This book contains the winning poems from a childerens poetry contest. Exept for the campainposter and the cover of this book i also made a couple of illustrations to go with the poems inside. Poster / Invitation These posters were sent to schools in the Netherlands, asking childeren to join the poetry contest. Groninger Forumhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1127867/groninger-forum/DE GRENS VOORBIJ / GRONINGER FORUM Groninger Forum asked me to make 2 illustrations to compliment 2 beautifull personal storys about the Dutch / German Border. These illustrations ware printed on large banners and are to be found on your way from and to Germany. Read more about this project here  Verhaal: Ebel en Willemien Vereijken - Duitse broodjes en geluk   Verhaal: Klaas Wolterman - Mijn jeugd in oorlogstijdA R T P R I N T Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1127512/a-r-t-p-r-i-n-t-s/Limited Artprints ! Here you`ll find both silkscreenprinted as offset artprints, in different sizes. All artprints are limited from 4 up to 100 prints per design, signed and numbered. Price range from 15 to 100 euro. To see all designs visit this page  more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy more info & buy P O S T E R Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1127224/p-o-s-t-e-r-s/Go to >> SHOP for ALL available posters All Posters are limited, handpulled silkscreen prints, signed & numbered by myself.  ABOUT ORDERING & POSTAGEhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-1125923/about-ordering-postage/ABOUT ORDERING & POSTAGE Payment You can pay using IDEAL, Pre-Transfer or Paypal.  Postage  The store adds up the weight of your chosen items, wich determines the price of shipping. While you are ordering you can see what the estimated postage for your order would be, at that point you can still cancel your purchase.  Packing/Sending: All orders are handled and packed with love and care by myself. Posters are shipped in a sturdy tube. All other small artwork in a protected envelope or box. All International orders are shipped by standard mail wich doesn`t come with tracking or an insurance. If you `d like me to send it differently (f.e. with tracking or signed for) please contact me. Your package will be sent out within 2 days after your payment is done. All orders sent within the Netherlands DO come with tracking. I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged shipments for (Inter)national orders so please be advised that i cannot replace missing orders or money unless you`ve contacted me about shipping your order secured. The good news is this rarely happens. Terms and Conditions: download heredrawinghttp://www.piccione.nl/c-939387/drawing/D R A W I N Ghttp://www.piccione.nl/c-939386/d-r-a-w-i-n-g/Here you`ll find the original drawing for either a posterdesign or an artprint! Click on the titles to see full images. Digger Original Drawing Rocket Man  Original Drawing Slime Original Drawing: Go to drawing Reverie Original Drawing Dots Original Drawing Kidcrash Original Drawing Bloom Original Drawing Zann Original Drawing Dragon Force Original Drawing T E S T P R I N T Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-902148/t-e-s-t-p-r-i-n-t-s/C U R S U S & W O R K S H O Phttp://www.piccione.nl/c-896642/c-u-r-s-u-s-amp-w-o-r-k-s-h-o-p/testprintshttp://www.piccione.nl/c-894818/testprints/M O N O P R I N T Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-683957/m-o-n-o-p-r-i-n-t-s/Original art piece, pasted on wood, framed & ready to hang!Go here to see all pieces and to order Original art piece, pasted on wood, framed & ready to hang!Go here to see all pieces and to ordermonoprintshttp://www.piccione.nl/c-683128/monoprints/artprintshttp://www.piccione.nl/c-515995/artprints/postershttp://www.piccione.nl/c-515993/posters/All posters are screen printed, signed and numbered by myself. (handpulled) Once they sell out, they won`t be printed again.  Check the SALE section for bargains!S H O Phttp://www.piccione.nl/E X H I B I T I O N Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-515968/e-x-h-i-b-i-t-i-o-n-s/2013 Sept 26 - Sept 28: Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE) - Flatstock Europe 10 - Come Say Hi Sept 6 - Sept 8: Great Wide Open, Vlieland (NL) Push&Pull Gigpostershow&shop - Come Say Hi July 19 - August 1: Der Aa-Kerk, Groningen (NL) - Nieuwe Uitleenschatten, CBK Groningen - Come Say Hi July 18 - August 23: Galerie - F, Chicago, IL (USA) - Roald Dahl "The Fantastic Mr.Dahl" June 14 -  June 15: Bolognetti Rocks, Bologna (IT) - Bolognetti Rocks - Come Say Hi March 1 -  May 1:  THE GALLERY, Flannels, Leeds (UK) - FLYPOSTING #2 Jan & Feb: Cultureel Centrum Zuidhorn, (NL) - Silkscreen Printed Artprints   2012 November 1 - 30:  Kunstmaand Ameland, (NL) - Silkscreen Artprints October 21 - November 15: Concerto, Amsterdam (NL) - Posters & Artprints October 13 at Casa dell Architettura, Rome (It) - Silkscreen Postershow  September 26 - 27 at Scheune, Dresden (DE) - Colored Gigs 4 - Come Say Hi September 20 - 23 at Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg (DE) - Flatstock Europe 8 - Come Say Hi September 7 - 9 at Great Wide Open, Vlieland (NL) - Push&Pull Gigpostershow&shop - Come Say Hi May 24th - May 26th at Farbenladen, Munchen, (DE) - Maesh Pop - festival and postershow May 17th - May 19th at Sound City Festival, Liverpool, (UK) - Screenadelica - Come Say Hi May 11th - May 13th at The Rag Factory, London (UK) - Ink & Paper by UKPA March 14th - March 17th at SXSW, Austin,TEXAS (USA) - Flatstock at SXSW - Come Say Hi March 6th - May 6th at THE GALLERY, Flannels, Leeds (UK) - Flyposting, handprinted postershow Januari 12 & 13 at `Het Paleis` Groningen (NL) - Push&Pull @ Eurosonic - Come Say Hi _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2011 December 3 - at Roodkapje, Rotterdam (NL) - ULTRANIEUWE, poster expo October 6th - 23th at Subwalk, Arnhem (NL) - Push&Pull, new poster project! September 30th - November 6th, at Gallery Kop, Breda (NL) - Eye Tunes September 29th at Scheune, Dresden (DE) - Colored Gigs, hosted by Douze September 22 - 24 at Flatstock, Hamburg - Posterconvention @ Reeperbahnfestival September 10th at Flipside Gallery, Eindhoven - Groupshow  September 2 - 4 at Into The Great Wide Open Festival, Vlieland (NL) - Posteratelier Project August 5 at the Hardware Gallery, Omaha, NE (USA) - Fuck Up Test Print Exhibit, Groupshow July 22th - July 25th at SummerTyne Festival, Newcastle (UK) - Posters Group Exhibition July 1st 2011 at Screen Ink, Lincoln (USA) - Fuck Up Test Print Exhibit, Groupshow April 30 - May 31 at Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX (USA) - `Bicycle Art 2011` presented by Poster Cabaret April 25 - at Galerie Oker, Harlingen - Group show, Art prints Januari 12th - Januari 16th at Gallery Sign, Groningen (NL) -  Guerilla Expo, Vera concertposters December 17th - January 7th at Opperclaes, Rotterdam (NL) - The Misprints II, curated by Rutger Termohlen _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2010 Octopus Gallery, Brighton (UK) - Groupshow  December 17th - January 7th at Opperclaes, Rotterdam (NL) - The Misprints II, curated by Rutger Termohlen November & December at Le Cheval Blanc, Montreal (CAN) - Cachez Ce Mur #5 November 11th - November 18th at `Hausmunik`, Munchen (DE) - `Wall of Rock` exhibition November 6th - November 18th at Gallery Чистка Одежды , Moscow (RU) -  Ding Dong, artshow `ohrannik spravok ne daet` October 15th - November 22th at `De Kijkkasten`, Amsterdam (NL) - art project/exhibition September 24th at `Mein Haus Am See`, Berlin (DE) - artshow artmagazine `ohrannik spravok ne daet` (St.Petersburg/Berlin) September 23th - September 25th at Flatstock, Hamburg (DE) - Posterconvention September 10th at The Golden Shop, Bremen (DE) - 3 year anniversary artshow September 4th - September 25th at Finekunst Kruger, Hamburg (DE) - Rockers Originals, Group Exhibition July 23th - July 25th at SummerTyne Festival, Newcastle (UK) - Posters Group Exhibition July 10th - August 8th at hAI-gallery, Breda (NL) - `The Misprints` Group Exhibition June 27th - August 8th at Forma Aktua, Groningen (NL) - `A-ffiche, Group Exhibition June 10th - August 10th at Red Can Company, Munchen (DE)  -  Silkscreen Posters, group exhibition March 12th 2010 - at STRYCHNIN Gallery, Berlin (DE) - Group Exhibtion `Childhood Hero` March 3th 2010 - April 11th at Le Rez, Palais de Runine, Lausanne (CH) - `Screaming At A Wall` curated by Maude Oswald February 20th - March 12th, Damen und Herren, Duesseldorf (DE) - `Trail and Error` Solo Exhibition  January 23th - February 11th, Arrache Toi Un Oeil, Paris (FA)  - `Rêverie Animale` Group Exhibition + silkscreen book reselease _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2009 Le Cheval Blanc, Montreal (CAN) - Groupshow with seripop, crosshair, Mat Daly, Young Monster, Strawdogs and Bongout. Sqeegeedragger, Gallery Halb Acht, Hamburg (DE) - Handpainted/drawn squeegeedragger (groupexhibtion) OCCII, Amsterdam (NL) - Posterexhibition with Owsum (Gijs Deddens, Bert Scholten and Strawdogs) Chemistry, at Het Paleis, Groningen (NL) - Mural project with Drew Millward (Leeds) Satan op Sokken at Owsum, Groningen (NL) - Silkscreen book presentation with Owsum Flatstock posterconvention at Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg (DE) - Poster Convention Z-Stock posterconvention at ZXZW festival, Tilburg (NL) - organising and participating _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2008 Bis Aufs Messer, Berlin (DE) - Posterexhibition with Strawdogs Zeef & Sound, Museum Smallingerland, Drachten (NL) Music & Concertposterproject CBK, het filiaal, Groningen (NL) - art exhibition Z-Stock posterconvention at ZXZW festival (NL) - organising and participating Flatstock posterconvention at Reeperbahnfestival, Hamburg (DE) - Poster Convention _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2007 Circle & Carre at Galery Noord, Groningen (NL) - Paintings and Buttonssets, `Neurosis`, `Melvins` and `City of Caterpilar` De Smederij, Groningen (NL) - Posters and paintings exhibition ZXZW independant culture festival (NL)- posterexhibition with Willem Kolvoort, Paul van de Werf and Wytse Sterk. Poster Rock Project at ZXZW festival (NL)- Posterdesign for `Cutting Pink With Knives` ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I L L U S T R A T I O Nhttp://www.piccione.nl/c-515184/i-l-l-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-o-n/Over Ruimte, Heijmans Zienemaan & Sterren: Openluchtbioscoop Flight 13 Music Mailorder  De Prins Op Het Witte Paard  Poëzie Paleis  Goomah Music  Groninger Forum: De Grens Voorbij  Kiel Explode Festival  Kijkkasten AmsterdamR E C O R D Shttp://www.piccione.nl/c-515165/r-e-c-o-r-d-s/Artwork Captain , your ship is sinking / Black Everest (NL/DE)Release by Moment Of Collapse Records, 50 Year Storm, IFB Records and Win Ntein RecordsArtwork Brito / Grinding Halt (NL)Release by strictlynocapitalletters, Graanrepubliek, Shove Records and Moment of Collapse.Artwork Boris Milic 10"Check out Boris Milic (USA)Artwork Aussitot Mort EP 12"Release by ADAGIO830 Check out Aussitot Mort (FR)Artwork Union Town 7"Check out Union Town (NL) Release by Sabotage Records (DE)Artwork Aussitot Mort 12" & cd Check out Aussitot Mort (FR) Released by Level-Plane (USA) Purepainsugar (FR) and OTOrecords(JAP)Artwork Face Tomorrow, Gatefold 12" + cdCheck out Face Tomorrow (NL) Released by Excelsior Recordings (NL)Artwork Union Town 12" & CDCheck out Union Town (NL) Released by Powered RecordsArtwork Brito 12"Check out Brito Released by De Graanrepubliek (NL) & strictly no capital letters (UK)C O N T A C Thttp://www.piccione.nl/c-511467/c-o-n-t-a-c-t/ Mailing Address: Mara Piccione, Klaprooslaan 120, 9713 SW Groningen, The Netherlands  Visiting Address: Klaprooslaan 122, Groningen, The Netherlands  send an email to mara@piccione.nl Tel: +31(0) 6 52 44 61 41  facebook > twitter > gigposters.com > flickr